Brood & Botter on arrival

Our JD5 Journey

Always more than meets the eye

JD5 is a one-of-a-kind Klerksdorp based Eatery with a menu inspired by the idea of simple and honest cooking.

Starting in 2015 with the Build-your-own-Burger and eat-with-your-hands-if-you-dare campaign. Starting off with 8 guests per evening and growing to 40+ guests every Monday evening. The JD5 brand was established.

Self taught "chefs" and Co-owners Lorèn Prinsloo and Bernard Ellis grew with JD5, always trying new things and loving the challenge. Both educators by day and chefs by night. (that's why we open only in the evenings).

The JD5 team consists of a few friends doing their thing - Each with his or her own day-job. Anton Huebsch (Front of house) joined our team in 2015 

JD5 is on the "other" side of the N12 in Roosheuwel - Referred jokingly, by the Chefs as - "waar die kinders die honde byt". Being the 6th year in the culinary trade - that statement is just a rumor . . . . . . 

The atmosphere is relaxed with Good-Food and even better company. We don't believe in wifi, television and noise pollution - we believe in old fashioned - "kuier saam jou besties"